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A crew member carries out preparation procedures according to the DAMDIC check list
NDI offers a full range of training courses for users as well as maintenance personnel

NDI is able to host full maintenance courses for both the live DAMDIC charge and the training system. Or NDI will send their expert instructors to the customer's facilities, where NDI can also consult re. the optimal fitting up of the workshop. The course offers the participants lots of hands-on experience and is based on the "Maintenance Manual for DAMDIC Mk 1", a thoroughly illustrated manual, which in a user-friendly way describes all aspects of the maintenance in detail. The course will also incorporate in-depth information on workshop safety.

NDI also offers User's courses for the both the live DAMDIC and the training system. This course is usually a combination of some class room teaching and plenty of practical exercises on board the MCMV, both in the harbour with the DAMDIC Mk 1 T (Training), and finally at sea with the live charge. The course is based on the "User's manual for DAMDIC Mk 1" and the "Check list for DAMDIC Mk 1", which is a useful summary tool when working with DAMDIC on deck. Naturally, the course also incorporates in-depth information on on-board safety.



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