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Our custom-made sets of ancillary equipment and tools make for hassle-free use and maintenance.

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Ship Set I

 For use on-board: Blasting machines, Resistance Meter, Test box and the necessary cables, chargers and batteries.


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Ship Set II

For use on-board: Custom-made tools and a small set of spares


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Maintenance & Control Tools

For use at the workshop: All of the necessary tools, fixtures etc. required during maintenance of DAMDIC. Scheduled maintenance of a DAMDIC charge takes place every 5 years.


NDI also supplies complete magazine-, handling- and loading solutions.

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Magazine storage- and loading solution

A customer-specified number of compartments in the magazine hold DAMDIC Mk 1, DAMDIC Mk 1 T (Training), Cable spools and ancillary equipment. DAMDIC and spool are easily wheeled out and positioned on the lift, where the initial preparation procedures can take place. The lift is then elevated up under the ROV, and the final loading is carried out by a crew member on deck.


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Trolley- and loading solution

 A light-weight construction which provides increased working space and clearer views of the underneath of the ROV. Loading times are reduced to an exeptional 6-8 minutes.

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