Launch of ROV with DAMDIC

By means of a specially developed and very accurate drop delivery technique, DAMDIC can be placed right next to the mine. Extensive trials have resulted in a complete set of drop curves for relevant current speeds and heights above the seabed. Software based on this material is integrated into the ROV's TV sub-system and controls an aiming reticule (bomb sight) on the operator's display.



Bottom mine as seen by the ROV's camera



Full concentration as the ROV is guided into position

It is also possible to position DAMDIC by means of a two-step "ladder" function. The charge is equipped with an extension console which, when DAMDIC is released from the ROV, extends but is still attached to both ROV and charge. While DAMDIC is hanging by the "ladder", the ROV positions the charge very close to the mine, and then releases DAMDIC completely.

Once DAMDIC is positioned in close proximity to the mine, the ROV returns to the ship, paying out cable from the cable spool as it goes. Back on board, the cable is connected to a DAMDIC Blasting Machine, and the mine is destroyed through sympathetic detonation by the exploding DAMDIC charge.

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