Whilst large enough to offer an extremely high kill-probability against any type of bottom mine, the Danish Mine Disposal Charge DAMDIC Mk 1 will not, due to its size or weight, adversely influence the speed and manoeuvrability of the ROV

The DAMDIC MDC is 50 kg, 82 cm long and has a depth range of 6-300 metres.


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Cable spool for DAMDIC

A cable spool containing 1.000 m cable is mounted behind DAMDIC underneath the ROV, and establishes the electrical connection between the charge and the vessel from where the detonation signal is given. An incorporated "weak link" ensures that DAMDIC cannot be dragged across the seabed after laying.

The use of cable to detonate DAMDIC was preferred over acoustic signals, as these were regarded as unreliable in coastal waters with large variations in salinity through the water column.

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