Navies choose DAMDIC for its effectiveness, low weight and volume, ease of storage, ready integration with the ROV, and above all, it accuracy and affordability

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Royal Danish Navy

In Denmark, a new innovative MCM concept is under development. It is a modular system based on drones of the HOLM and MSF Class, and containerized modules and containers are operable from a vessel or from ashore.

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Royal Australian Navy
DAMDIC has been part of the Australian MCM concept since 1996, deployed from their HUON Class MCM vessels.


Royal Norwegian Navy

The Royal Norwegian Navy uses DAMDIC from their OKSOY MCMV's, and in combination with the Pluto Plus ROV.

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Finnish Navy

We are happy to be able to add the Finnish Navy to our customers. The FN has chosen DAMDIC for their new Kananpää Class MCMV's.

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