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Main offices and workshop facilites
Noerresundby, Denmark


NDI is a Danish company, founded in 1994 when the Royal Danish Navy (RDN) were in the process of developing the Danish Mine Disposal Charge DAMDIC.

At the time, the RDN had a requirement for a new MDC, and had done research on existing charges with a negative result, as none of them fulfilled the RDN's rigorous safety requirements. It was therefore decided within the navy to develop a more reliable and safer charge, and this development was completed in co-operation with NDI.

Since then, NDI has marketed DAMDIC worldwide, along with handling- and loading systems, ancillary equipment, training systems, education etc.

Main offices and workshop are situated in Noerresundby in the Northern part of Denmark. Since '96, NDI has occupied three different addresses in the area, as the company has continued to grow.

NDI also operates an explosives work shop in an external location.

NDI is a member of Naval Team Denmark, which is a government supported defence industry export organisation consisting of Danish and select overseas naval defence companies.



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NORDIC DEFENCE INDUSTRIES A/S . Stenholm 11 . DK-9400 Noerresundby . Denmark
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